Squash use art and food to encourage participation, nurture confidence, and to grow skills & connections in our L8 neighbourhood. We deliver a free, annual, seasonal programme of abundant, creative participation, working with artists, gardeners, architects and cooks to better understand, sustain and celebrate our lives.

10 Years into the 100 year plan: Mapping the future street.

We are currently working on a visual arts and mapping initiative to mark the first decade of our 100 Year Vision, funded through the Arts Council, UKRI, Manchester School of Architecture and in collaboration with community designers, mappers, artists and URBED.


Summer Solstice, June 20th & 21st 2020

On the longest day of the year, six artists & healers; Catherine, Clare, Jackie, Kate, Maxine and Nina travelled from St. James gardens up Windsor Street, to Princes Park. during the covid pandemic lockdown, travelling in a socially-distanced way, they visited the seven chakras (or energy points) along the street. At each place they stopped to bless the spaces offering food, colour, movement, sound healing, song and the planting of wild garlic.

In spring of 2018 Kate devised the Windsor street chakras idea of special spaces of energy in our street, like those found in the body. In 2020 we revisited these considering:

  • Sustainable transformation of our community
  • Systemic racism
  • The impacts of lockdown