Sunday 5th February 5pm – 9pm

What a magical evening of short films (see below) on nature, community gardening & land-based ritual, followed by a full moon walk.



Squash & Tim Brunsden / 2022  / 6.5 mins 

“It’s a film about light” – Tim.

Come with us on a walking dance party from the spring in the cathedral gardens to our beloved oak in Princes Park, on the eve before the longest day.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Lotte Reiniger / 1955 / 11.5 mins

Marvel at the magic adventures of Jack and his bean growing season, from the great pioneer of animated film.

Talking Veg

Donna Palmer / 2012 / 5 mins 

What’s your favourite vegetable? Can we guess? A playful short made in the run up to Squash’s first Food for Real Film Festival in 2012, at the Hope Street Feast.

Over the Garden Fence

Katy-Anne Bellis & Collen Chandler / 2021 / 18.5 mins

Over the Garden Wall is a heart-warming stop motion animation and puppet film celebrating community action in Liverpool. Developed with community residents and neighbours from across Liverpool, including the Webster’s Triangle community and Squash’s garden volunteers. 


Helen Kilbride / 2022 / 10.5 mins


Sycamore is a short experimental film which explores the intersection between queer lives and queer ecology. In this short poetic film, sexuality and transgender is discussed as the camera reveals physical characteristics of tree species, and specifically Sycamore trees. Whilst other plant species are represented the camera’s eye is never far away from the Sycamore tree, a species which is often marginalised and seen as problematic.

Growing Antlers

Lou Chapelle & Tim Brunsden / 2022 / 4 mins

Growing Antlers was a magical ‘floating’ art installation as part of Knowsley Safari’s Enchanted Winter Trail, created by Liverpool artist Lou Chapelle working with local families. Inspired by Knowsley Safari’s ancient woodland setting and the critically endangered Père David’s deer herd who roam it, the hologram-like audio visual spectacle explores the magic, myth and mysticism that these ‘guardians of the forest’ have inspired in cultures across the world.