Squash stands with Palestine & the people of Gaza

Squash stands with Palestine & the people of Gaza. We are devastated and horrified by what is unfolding in this genocidal living nightmare. We call for an immediate ceasefire.

We oppose anti-Semitism & Islamaphobia. We abhor the attacks by Hamas on Israeli citizens. We applaud the multitude of people speaking out against the disproportionate response of the Israeli government against the people of Gaza. 

This is unjustifiable collective punishment of the Palestinian people, following decades of occupation & oppression. This humanitarian catastrophe will see traumatic ramifications for decades to come.

We are staggered by the callous inaction of the UK Government that is aiding this genocide. Shame on you. Not in our name.

At Squash we offer spaces to come together, to support each other, to offer solidarity & wellbeing, to be in silence, in grief and in hope, now, in the coming weeks, and beyond. Please get in touch with any ideas and to use these spaces for solidarity and conversations.

We are collecting donations for Medical Aid for Palestinians and Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Please donate direct via the above links or at Squash.

With love and hope from all at Squash