Free/ Suggested donation £3.50 (the cost of a SOUP-IT FORWARD)

Join in our annual harvest auction where great Liverpool-grown fruit & veg and homemade treats will be up for grabs!  Come along for a magical eve of comedy & fun, and help raise funds to support our ‘SOUP-IT FORWARD’ campaign – free soup for neighbours in need this autumn/winter season. Lots can be viewed from 3.30-4.30pm on auction day.
If you can’t make the auction but would like to donate please do so here.

GROWERS & COOKS! – Have you grown something you’re really proud of this year? Or made an amazing jam? Then please get in touch to donate home or allotment-grown fruit & veg and preserves, ferments, or other delicious homemade seasonal treats – email Elise elise@squashliverpool.co.uk or call 7077897 for more info. 

You can also enter our Best in Show – with great prizes for best veg, best fruit, best squash & best food product.

DONATION DROP-OFF TIMES are on 9.30am-1pm on 16th, 17th & 20th September.