We’re open!

The Squash shop and garden cafe are both open!

Throughout the pandemic, through the generosity of our shoppers and our hard-working staff and volunteer team we have been able to continue to support many local families, particularly refugees and asylum seekers. Click here if you would like to ‘Soup it Forward’ or ‘Veg Box it Forward’. It is also possible to pick up a soup for free during opening hours if you need.


The Squash shop and garden cafe are currently open every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for fresh produce including organic veg boxes, cupboard staples, sourdough bread (Saturday only) and delicious take-away cafe food.


A great evening to pick up your pre-ordered veg (& fruit) box, your weekly staples and enjoy a delicious evening meal in our beautiful garden! (covered spaces available).


All day shopping plus come and have a delicious lunch.


It’s Sourdough Saturday! Come and pick up one of our fresh baked loaves – all sorts of variations await you like focaccia, sourdough cookies and banana bread. Also a great time to pick up your weekly fresh fruit & veg and cupboard staples

Please wear your mask.