Our new home: Squash; is a pioneering, eco-friendly, community-led food space on Windsor Street that opened on May 4th. Planned and designed by 30 local residents since 2014, volunteers and staff are really excited about sharing this beautiful timber-frame building and welcoming food garden with you! The space incorporates our new community business – a food shop, cafe and catering service and also cooking and food growing classes.

All sorts of delicious, seasonal, multicultural food will be available, with the shop selling ingredients that feature in the dishes on offer in the cafe. Visitors can take the recipes home to cook the dishes and there will be regular cooking sessions with our chef to teach the secrets to tasty, healthy food!

Squash food is:

  • Seasonal – produce-led
  • Delicious
  • Whole – wholefoods/minimal processing
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Of high quality
  • Bold & exciting
  • Affordable
  • Vegetarian
  • Ethically sourced/fair-trade
  • Local and organic where possible
  • Anti food waste and big on minimal packaging/recycling

When is it open?

In May it’s open on Thursdays and Fridays from 8.30am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. We’ll be extending our hours soon including special evening cook-ups!


Rooted in Liverpool 8 since 2007, Squash is a dynamic food, arts and environmental-focused community membership organisation, grown by a diverse group of local people, committed to participatory social change.

We embrace the potential of local people by reclaiming food production via food growing, cooking and culinary craft skills. Together, we explore new ways for our neighbourhood to flourish; creating special, celebratory events and through our four-season Food for Real arts festival.


What will it be home to?

  • A healthy, affordable food shop and café + food growing garden
  • A community kitchen and an enterprise kitchen
  • A small cinema and making studio
  • A lab for food experimentation and developing L8 food produce & products
  • A beautiful community building for everyone to use and be proud of!

What will it provide?

  • Regular opportunities to share food together as a community
  • Volunteer & apprentice opportunities and jobs for local residents
  • Food entrepreneur incubator programmes
  • Women’s food business support
  • Cook/chef-run cultural food events
  • Seasonal gatherings including film screenings, music, markets & talks
  • An affordable space to hire for meetings, events, conferences & parties
  • Rraining in nutrition, cooking, food growing, craft & arts skills and low carbon living

How was it designed?

The building was planned by a team of 30 local people working with architect Mariann Heaslip from community-design specialist architecture firm Urbed, who together want to make a friendly, ecological, beautiful, green and welcoming space for everyone!

What is it built of?

The building has a timber frame and is timber clad. This is the greenest and most environmentally friendly way to make a building. The design team have thought very carefully about all aspects of the construction:

  • the roof is made of recycled steel from Wales
  • the foundation is made of recycled glass
  • the wood for the building (larch) is from Scotland and is FSC-certified
  • the insulation is made from recycled newspaper
  • much of the electricity is generated through using solar panels on the roof

How was it funded who will run it?

A group of local people put in a lot of voluntary hours to buy the land and build the building. We raised essential funds through a crowdfunder, Social Investment Business, Plunkett Foundation, Biffa, Liverpool NHS, Liverpool One Foundation, Tudor Trust, Marks and Spencer Energy Fund, Power to Change/Big Lottery, Howdens Kitchens, Liverpool City Council. The project is run by Squash, our members & local steering group.

To become a member or volunteer, or to make a donation, please get in touch via our Contact page.


It’s simple – when you come and eat with us, buy an extra soup for someone else who needs it and we’ll pass it on to them.

For more information visit the Contact page and get in touch.